AIMADETHIS is all about progressive clothing — from our technology to our sustainability.


Our Production

Every piece in our collections is hand-sewn by our small, in-house team based in New York City.

Our top priority with any garment is fair labor practices and eco-conscience production. That's why we every vendor we work with, from fabric to packaging materials, focuses on ethical production. This includes everything from using state-of-the-art fabric printing processes which drastically reduce water usage, to 100% compostable mailers, to making our clothing out of recycled water bottles! And of course, every vendor we work with closely observes fair-wage practices.


Our Initiatives

Plant a Tree

AIMADETHIS is proud to have launched our Plant a Tree initiative! Starting Fall 2021, we will plant a tree with every order received. Our trees are planted globally to remedy disasters such as deforestation and forest fires.


Small Business Support

As a small business ourselves, we source our materials for everything from mailers to business cards from other small businesses rather than corporate conglomerates. We want our customers to feel good about every part of their order -- not just the clothing. An order at AIMADETHIS is also supporting tens of small businesses behind us!


No Waste!

To continue our promise to sustainability, we do not dispose of our fabric waste. We reuse our remaining fabric to create other pieces of clothing, including masks, scrunchies, and custom 1-of-1 pieces. Our made-to-order policy also allows us to order only the amount of fabric necessary to make only the clothing which is in demand.