Our Mission

AIMADETHIS was born with a mission to change the narrative of technology and fashion alike. With a focus on sustainability and diversity, we are here to ensure every person finds their place in the future of fashion. With a small team made up of computer science and fashion experts, AIMADETHIS finds a niche nestled in the intersection between apparel, technology, and wearable art.


Our Beginnings

AIMADETHIS began by creating one-of-one pieces for nothing but the sake of art, sustainability, and inventive creativity. Rather than selling these pieces, they were used to make statements about the intersection of luxury fashion and technology, and who is represented in these two distinct industries. 

 silk and cashmere blazer with matching mask - Collection Zero

100% silk durag - Collection Zero


Moving Forward

Eventually, AIMADETHIS moved to providing clothing for an audience equally as fascinated with the AI-generated clothing. Although we began to produce clothing at a larger volume, we continued to keep ethics and sustainability close to our hearts.