AIMADETHIS uses artificial intelligence to bring a unique lens to the endless possibilities of the fashion industry. We train our AI on patterns that are currently popular and teach it how to make its own. For every product, you can watch a video of our AI learning to make the pattern for the respective clothing item. After finalizing our dataset, filled with predictions for the incoming season, we normalize our dataset and feed into our algorithm. Over the next twenty-four hours, the AI learns from the dataset and creates patterns on its own. We capture iterations of the algorithm and pick out our favorite patterns from the dataset. We refine the dimensions of the patterns to ensure the quality of our prints on the fabrics. We source our fabrics from sustainable and ethical vendors who are based in the United States. We create patterns for each product, by hand in house using muslin. After receiving our fabric, we measure, pin, cut, and sew all of our pieces by hand as well. We package our products with plantable seed tissue paper that we custom make and use compostable packing and send the package on its way, with love!