AIMADETHIS started in iMessages between best friends; a friendship filled with giggles and tears and hours and hours of time spent together. AIMADETHIS is a look into our imaginations, of two women of color in computer science, willing to extend the frontiers of the use of machine learning technology into the fashion industry.

We created AIMADETHIS with the intention of creating a safe space for creatives in technical fields, to foster self expression with code. We have always been interested in bold pieces in our closets, perfect with essentials and flawless for any event.

AIMADETHIS was born from a need for more sustainable and accessible fashion. To show the world that sustainable fashion is possible, and can be implemented world-wide by corporations to progress our efforts to mitigate climate change.

As we both realized each other's love for coding, we began to brainstorm projects together to fulfill our interests over quarantine. We created AIMADETHIS to encourage individuals of color in STEM to take up space in industries which we were never welcome.